Native Brazilian Carnaúba Paste Wax

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  • Carnaúba paste wax
  • 50% by volume of Type 1 wax

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More than just a wax, a special gift.

Native Brazilian Carnaúba Paste Wax is a high purity paste wax formulated 100% in Brazil.

Brazil is the only country in the world that produces carnaúba. Primarily the state of Ceará, which is the producer of the best and the purest carnaúba wax in the world. Our premium formula uses the most natural wax, the Type 1, and its extracted directly from the eye powder of carnaúba leaves.

Specially made for car enthusiasts who truly know the value of original carnaúba wax, Native Paste Wax leaves a deep, rich carnaúba wax shine.


  • Handmade with 50% by volume of Type 1 carnaúba wax;
  • Simple to apply and remove;
  • It can be used by hand;
  • Will not damage the vehicle’s paint;
  • Leaves a velvet touch;
  • Its anatomical shape fits perfectly in the palm.


  1. Wash the vehicle properly and make sure that the paint is free of any contaminants;
  2. Apply the product using the foam applicator contained in the package, making uniform movements without leaving spaces between the passes;
  3. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes;
  4. Remove the product with a microfiber towel;
  5. A second layer will provide an even higher shine.

Note: Keep in temperatures between 185 ºF.

Watch the application of Native Paste Wax:

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