Native Brazilian Carnaúba Spray Wax (473ml)

Keep and enhance the brightness of your vehicle.

Native Brazilian Carnaúba Spray Wax maintains the shine and the gloss in the vehicle’s paint. Manufactured and formulated 100% in Brazil, Native Spray Wax contains the purest type 1 Brazilian Carnaúba Wax.

Recommended using it after the complete wash of the car. In addition to, you can use Native Spray Wax in automobile events to achieve the warm shine and depth of only a Brazilian carnaúba wax.


  • It has High Hydrophobic Power;
  • Adds protection;
  • Quick detail wax;
  • Spray on and wipe-off.
  • Instruções
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  1. Shake well;
  2. After washing the vehicle, spray a small amount in the paint, in an area, not exceeding 60cm x 60cm;
  3. Spread it quickly using a clean and dry microfiber towel (do not let the product dry);
  4. Promptly, to finish the procedure buff the surface with a dry microfiber towel;
  5. Continue the same procedure throughout the entire vehicle.