Native Brazilian Carnaúba Paste Wax

Native is a high purity carnaúba wax produced 100% in Brazil and developed exclusively for car enthusiasts that demand the highest quality Brazilian carnaúba wax.

Brazil is known as the only country in the world that can produce carnaúba in large-scale. Native is produced with type 1 carnaúba wax extracted directly from the leaves of the core of carnaúba tree from the state of Ceará. This state is the producer of the best and purest carnaúba wax in the world, and it also is its leading producer and exporter worldwide.

One of Vonixx’s main concerns was to use as few unnatural components as possible in its composition, which could interfere with the final product quality. Therefore, Native is free of any fragrances, maintaining the natural aroma of carnaúba. The result is a product that is as pure and natural as possible.

Native’s production process begins in the field, with the cutting of the core leaves manually removed one by one. The process is the primary source for the extraction of type 1 carnaúba wax. After cutting the leaves, they are placed to dry naturally under sunlight. After drying, the removal of the powder comes from the leaves, known regionally as “eye powder.” From this powder, the wax extraction process is made by the addition of particular solvents. Finally, the extracted wax is refined and clarified until it reaches a purity level of practically 100%.

Vonixx uses 50% by volume of this pure wax for the production of Native. First, pure carnaúba wax, specific solvents, and oils are added in a stainless-steel tank. Then the process of heating starts to fuse these raw materials. After casting all the elements at a controlled temperature, a small amount of the batch is sampled to confirm the wax´s purity at Vonixx’s Quality Control Lab. With the wax still hot, the manual packaging process starts and then the waxes are kept in a specific place until the complete solidification. After this step, the waxes are carefully packed and evaluated by three operators to ensure the total quality of the final product.

Such care and attention to details make Native an exclusive wax in the market. It is an extremely pleasurable to use, it leaves a velvety touch on the vehicle’s paint and promotes an exceptional glossy shine. Native is indicated primarily for collectors, enthusiasts and professional detailers seeking a unique and high-quality product.

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  1. Clean and decontaminate the vehicle’s paint;
  2. Apply the product using the included foam applicator contained in the package, making uniform movements without leaving spaces between the strokes;
  3. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes;
  4. Carefully remove the product using a high-quality microfiber towel, observing the achieved results.