Blend Ceramic & Carnaúba Paste Wax – Black Edition

Blend Ceramic & Carnaúba Paste Wax Black Edition is a hybrid wax specially designed and developed for darker colored vehicles. Vonixx BLEND BLACK EDITION WAX is a combination of the best carnauba wax and SiO2. It protects the vehicle’s surface for up to seven months. Black Edition promotes ceramic resistance with the benefits of a warm gloss effect from the carnauba, leaves an amazing water beading effect, and also fills and hides light imperfections and swirls.

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  1. Wash the vehicle;
  2. Apply the product with a foam applicator pad, making uniform movements;
  3. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes; 4. Remove the product with a clean and dry microfibre towel;
  4. For extra gloss and protection, apply a second coat.