Why use a special wax for black cars?


After all, what are the advantages of using a specific wax for black cars?

Those who like black cars or vehicles with dark colors should know: the possibility of micro scratches and swirls being noticeable in these paintings is much greater! Thinking about the specific needs of lovers of dark cars, Vonixx, a specialist in manufacturing products from the carnauba, developed the Brazilian Carnauba Wax Black Edition.

Like all products of the Native line, the Black Edition contains the noblest and pure Brazilian carnauba type 1. With 50% volume of carnauba, the wax alone already produces an incredible deep shine. But the highlight of this wax is in the details that it corrects.

The big differential for black cars

Besides all the fantastic advantages of the Native line, the Black Edition has a special pigment in its formulation that helps to give a special shine of tonality. Dark cars have an extra advantage with this pigment, as it has a masking effect. That is, light swirls and scratches are less visible. In this way, the black color gets more highlighted, and the warm glow of the carnauba provides an incredible brightness.


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