Why should you try Vonixx?


Why should you try Vonixx?

We know that it is a difficult task to choose the automotive product that best meets your expectations. With so many choices of brands and lines, the decision should not come out of just one package text. The question that separates many people from an incredible user experience may be yours right now. To help you with this decision, we have listed five reasons why you should try Vonixx. And, by the way, be enchanted for good!

Five Reasons to Try Vonixx

  1. Expanding on all continents

    Our internationalization project has taken off, with positive results in all the countries we pass. We are currently in 24 countries, and growth is just beginning!

  2. Carnauba Owners

    We are involved in all processes, from carnauba cultivation in our Caraúbas Vonixx Reserve to the final product. Giving a thought in every detail, our products offer the maximum satisfaction of those who use them meeting the needs of our customers.

  3. The largest in Brazil

    In Brazil, Vonixx is a stable company, with the largest manufacturing park in the country in the automotive aesthetics sector. A complete line for every type of need and with the most significant innovations in the market. We are always launching news to keep up with the growing evolution of this market, demanding and full of changes every moment.

  4. Appreciated by Detailers

    Our products were already tested and approved by several world-renowned detailers, and the approval has been general.

  5. Innovative Product Developments

    We are in constant evolution. Our creativity begins in the laboratory: it is there, in our modern space, that we test and develop new products. All new solutions are developed based on constant market research as well as industry trends.


If you still have doubts about Vonixx products be in your next purchase, please contact us. Just click here to talk with one of our consultants.

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