Why are we the real owners of the Carnaúba?


Our ties with the carnaúba have brought us here

Our history begins in the mid-2005, with the manufacture and development of products for cleaning, maintenance of automotive aesthetics. Under the name of Quimiflex, we started our operations in Ceará, serving locally and with a primary line of products.
We become Vonixx, and with the growth of the organization, we expand and restructure our activities. Thus, we have become the company with the broadest line of products for automotive aesthetics of Brazil. And this growth has not stopped since. Our factory park, which today has an area of more than 6200 square meters, is already in the new expansion to bring more technology to the market in production and product development.
All this walk, always in partnership with our customers, allowed us to get where we are. First and foremost, they are passionate about cars like you and dedicated to delivering the best we have. After conquering the whole of Brazil, we expanded once again, now reaching more than 20 countries.
Being a company from the Brazilian Northeast, we were fortunate to be in the only place in the world where the Carnaúba tree naturally produces carnaúba wax. Being the essential raw materials present in most of our products, we maintain the quality control from the cultivation to the finalization of the product. With a challenging goal of growing 10,000 seedlings by the end of the year in our reservation, Caraúbas. Where we already planted more than 7,000 seedlings of Carnaúba tree.
Leaving this pleasant land, we reach the furthest points on the globe. Always proud to raise the Carnaúba flag that represents our country worldwide. Spreading out to the world, the commitment of innovation and quality that we have with Brazil.

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