Where does Carnaúba wax comes from?

Carnaúba wax

Discover the paths to Carnaúba wax production process

Carnaúba wax is the main component of our products and has a natural origin. For years has been proving a source of excellent quality protection.

Brazil: the land of Carnaúba

Vonixx waxes are 100% produced in Brazil. The powder extracted from the leaves of the Carnaúba trees provides the best and purest Carnaúba waxes on earth. Brazil is the biggest producer and exporter worldwide and the states where grows the Carnaúba trees are Ceará, Piauí and Rio Grande do Norte.

The process of production

To produce our high-quality waxes, first of all we start in the field with the “eye straw” cut, which is removed manually one by one. This straw is the primary source for the extraction of the pure type 1 Carnaúba wax. After the cutting, the straw is placed to dry naturally under sunlight and after drying is made the removal of dust from the straws. In that powder contains approximately 90% of the highest quality Carnaúba wax, and from it, a process of extracting the wax is made using special solvents. Subsequently, the removed wax is refined and clarified until it reaches a purity level of practically 100%.

From there begins the process to develop each product. In the case of Native, we used 50% by volume of this pure Carnaúba wax. We add the wax in a stainless-steel tank, with solvents and special oils, control the heating to melt the Carnaúba and then mix until it becomes a solution of a homogeneous mixture. Then the waxes are manually filled and placed in pallets until the product solidifies. So, after that, the waxes are carefully capped and packed and evaluated by three operators to ensure total quality.
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