Why are we with the União da Ilha?

União da Ilha

Want to know why our fans are with the União da Ilha?

A plot about José de Alencar, Rachel de Queiroz and the charms of Ceará promises to brighten the avenue

Vonixx has a close connection with the carnauba. This story, as many knows, started years ago in the family of Paulo Henrique Nobre, CEO of our company. His great-grandfather owned a farm with plantation of Carnauba Palm trees, generating employment and sustenance for many families in the interior of Ceará.

This proximity to the carnauba is becoming even more significant. Present in several Vonixx products, the raw material has won not only Brazilian car lovers: today we have Native and Blend out of the country, gaining fans of their properties.

This year, the Governor’s Island Union, traditional and irreverent samba school in Rio de Janeiro, will address not only our famous writers Alencar and Queiroz on the avenue. The carnaúba will also be the theme of the parade and will be present, even, in the car open-wings of the school. In addition to its infinite possibilities, the tree of life will be shown to Brazil and to more than 140 countries that accompany the parades. Our partners at the Carnaúba Memorial, Afro Negrão and Daisy Rocha collaborated and made the connection between the school and the producers of the interior of Ceará.

We are fully confident that this genuinely Brazilian wonder will win and thrill many people!

Vonixx is proud to be from Ceará, to have carnauba in its products and to be part, even in a simple way, of this grand parade.

So, will you also cheer for the União da Ilha?

Big Thanks to Afro and Daisy for all the support!


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