New versions of the Native line


Native Brazilian Carnaúba Wax is our premium line of high purity Carnaúba waxes, 100% Brazilian and developed especially for car lovers who do not give up a noble wax and high technology.

Known for its high quality our wax has 50% by volume of the best Carnaúba (type 1). Extracted from the “straw of the eye” of the Carnaúba tree native of the state of Ceará. In addition, one of our major concerns in producing this line is to use as few as possible non-natural components that could interfere with product quality.

Handcrafted produced and following rigid production processes, Native waxes are extremely pleasurable to use. The post-application result is a velvety touch on the painted surface and a warm charming glow.


Discover the new versions of Native:

The first news is the Brazilian version Carnaúba Paste Wax 100ml, tailor-made for your needs. The compact version of native with all the advantages of premium wax you already know.

The second news is the Native Brazilian Carnaúba Paste Wax – Black Edition, a noble wax produced for cars of dark colors, especially black. In addition to all the benefits of the line, this wax results in a new depth of brightness effect for dark tones. Available in 100ml version only.


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