Does Wax Attracts Dirt?


Find out if there really is an attraction between dirt and automotive wax!

It doesn’t matter if it’s dust, smudges or other contaminants, dirt is one of the things that most bother the appearance of a car. Whether it is sooner or later, it will always accumulate in the car, even if it is in the garage. With this in mind, we set out to solve a doubt sent by many customers who want to know if this type of contaminants sticks or is attracted in some way by the Carnaúba wax.
The truth is that it happens just the contrary to ordinary thinking. Natural waxes such as Carnaúba, as well as hybrid waxes (Carnaúba + SiO2) have among their attributes the ability to form a protective film. Such property reduces the frictional force between the dirt and the surface, thereby inhibiting its buildup. In addition, the protection can go further! It reduces the possibility of the appearance of micro hazards on the varnishes of the vehicle.
To conclude, we clarify that Carnaúba waxes, especially those containing Carnaúba type 1, promote a lovely brightness, velvety touch, and protection against scratches, protection against weather effects, UV rays and dirt itself, being able to still have special features such as removing impurities and highlighting dark-colored paints.
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