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Know About The Importance of the Powder Extracted From the Carnaúba

Carnaúba is one of the primary raw materials for our products. It is from this natural wealth that we manufacture many of our products, mainly waxes. The differential comes from a peculiarity derived from the straw of the carnaúba: “The Eye Powder”

In this particular article, we will return to the origins to show a unique point about this tree, a symbol of our state Ceará. We’ll talk about Carnaúba Powder, the secret that makes this so valuable and important.


The Powder


At the top, around 15 to 20 meters, the carnivores produce about 45 to 60 palms, and in each of these straws, the tree provides special protection.  This film makes it impossible for the plant to lose much water by transpiration but does not prevent the realization of photosynthesis.

These straws are manually extracted and placed to dry naturally in the sunlight. After drying, we are able to obtain the powder. After extraction and other processes, we arrive at the noblest and pure regarding wax: type 1. And there come the wonders of this raw material. When used for automotive embellishment purposes, we have products that provide much more gloss and protection to the vehicular surface. And it is precisely the warm and deep glow of the Carnaúba that conquers more and more people all over the world.

From the powder, you can also obtain fine oils, medicinal products and even various types of varnish. The waxes of the Native line, for example, have in their composition 50% by volume Carnaúba type 1. It is this power of the eye of the Carnaúba, especially the Carnaúba, which makes this tree so valuable to people.


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