Can I apply wax on wrapped cars?

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Whether is for commercial reasons or personal taste the trend of wrapped cars has returned with everything. The process consists in the practice of applying an adhesive coating on the paint of the car. This uses a material suitable for this purpose and it will be in direct contact with the varnish. Done correctly, the film should not detract from the car’s paint and even protect it from new scratches.

The question is: can I apply wax?

Many people think of protecting the wrapped vehicles and thus extend the duration of this application. At that moment, the first idea that comes to mind is the traditional Carnaúba wax. Widely used to protect and prolong the life of the varnish, it is common to think that it is possible to apply normally in this material. However, in this material, not all wax can be applied.
It is important to choose a wax that does not contain abrasives, as these can cause corrosion of the adhesive on the surface. In this way, exposure to the sun can cause unwanted effects and shorten the life of the application.

Choose the right wax

It is recommended that you choose from the following options: Blend Spray Wax, SiO2-Pro and Native Brazilian Carnaúba Spray Wax from Vonixx. These options have a very practical and with identical application to varnishes.
Applying one of the options mentioned above will give you a perfect anchorage and a UV protection effect (mainly on the first two). In addition, they keep the original conditions of the adhesive being matte or shiny. The final result is a revival of colors and increased material life.
That way, whenever you choose a wax for your car take this information into account. This way you will achieve the desired protection and the only surprise will be with the incredible results.


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