Blend –  The best of Carnaúba with silica technology


Over more than 17 years of market, Vonixx has become a specialist in silica-based products. For example the Glass Coating Division (Today available only in Brazil), with a ceramic coating for various parts of the vehicle also we became specialists in Carnaúba-based waxes, an abundant raw material in our state of Ceará, which we are located and started our activities.

Always on the look for news and trends. We noticed a growth in the use of silica-based products in the automotive aesthetic products. The resistance promoted is widely known and makes the painting protected for much longer, as a result, the brightness of the Carnaúba type 1 is only achieved by itself, after all, nothing more peculiar than the Carnaúba wax and its incredible properties.

Seeking to innovate after several tests, we unite in an incredible manner Carnaúba and ceramic coating. Resulted in a super product: BLEND Carnaúba Silica Wax. The combination of these two raw materials, which complement each other in a spectacular way, providing a long resistance and gloss.

We are looking forward to you to use the BLEND and proof its charming result.


Below you find the description of our releases:

Blend Carnaúba Silica Paste Wax

Blend Paste unites the best in the ceramic coating universe, as a result, Its formula produces a protective film with high power repellent against water, making the drops roll in the paint as spheres.

Among the features coming from the Carnaúba type 1 are the brightness, resistance, and easiness to achieve extraordinary results. The duration of protection offered in this product can reach up to 7 months.

All these features make BLEND Carnaúba Silica Paste Wax unique in the market.


Blend Carnauba Silica Spray Wax

Among the main characteristics of this wax are the brightness, toughness, and easiness to achieve extraordinary results, features seen only in products based on Carnaúba.

The protection offered by this product unites the best in the ceramic coating universe with the duration of its protection for up to 4 months. The Spray version of this wax can be used to maintain the protection offered by the other products in this line.

All these attributes make the BLEND Carnaúba Silica Spray Wax something unique in the market.



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