Pictogram in Excel (Windows version)

(This tutorial used Excel 2013 for Windows. If you're using Mac Excel 2011, click here for the Mac version tutorial.)

Not a lot of Excel users know that Excel is capable of plotting pictograms, like the one shown below. (Cute, right?) It is in fact a bar chart (histogram), which also presents the values in terms of picture count. Let me walk you through how to do this pictogram. :D


Step 1: Prepare the Data

Prepare a rectangular range of data. Like this one shown in the picture below. 2 columns, each column must have a column heading.


Step 2: Plot the Bar Chart

In the INSERT tab of the ribbon, click the "Insert Column Chart" button, and then choose the first icon ("Clustered Column"). (Don't worry about the name of those chart types. I'm sure even most of the people at Microsoft don't know what they mean from the names.)

Step 2: Format the Bars

  1. Use the mouse to right-click any of the bars in the chart, and choose "Format Data Series".
    You'll then see a panel on the right of screen now, like this:

  2. Click the bucket, and choose "Picture or texture fill".
  3. Then, click "File" to browse for your picture file. (Suggest to use square pictures.)
  4. Choose the "Stack and Scale with" option, and type a number to define the "Units per Picture". 50 in this example.