Returns a Boolean value (TRUE or FALSE) which determine whether a number input is a prime number or not.

TRUE means the number input is a prime number, and vice versa.



Number the number to be considered.


ISPRIME(13) returns TRUE , because 13 is a prime number.
ISPRIME(102251) returns TRUE , because 102251 is a prime number.
ISPRIME(20) returns FALSE , because 20 is not a prime number.


The ISPRIME function can analysis number input in the range:
- 2,147,483,648 < Number < 2,147,483,648

If a non-whole number is input into the function, for example 13.5, the integral part will be considered:

ISPRIME(13.5) returns TRUE , because the function considers the integral part, which is 13.

If a non-numeric value is input into the function, it will return an error:

ISPRIME(“abc”) returns “#VALUE!”.