Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is Excel Power Expander 5 compatible with Excel 2013, 2010 and 2007?

A: Yes, the current Excel Power Expander 5 is designed to be 100% compatible with Excel 2013, 2010 and 2007 for Windows. Also, it works with Excel 2003.

Q: Is Excel Power Expander 5 compatible with Mac Excel 2011, 2008, 2004?

A:Excel Power Expander (Mac Edition) is 100% compatible with Mac Excel 2011. However, it is not compabilible with Mac Excel 2008 nor 2004.

Q: What will I receive after registering?

A: After your registration has been successfully processed, you will receive :

    1. A registration confirmation from the author via e-mail. The e-mail will contain detailed instructions to unlock the full functionality of the software.
    2. Free, unlimited technical support via internet e-mail.
    3. Discounts on future software upgrades.

Q: How many licenses do I need to purchase?

A: The type of licenses of Excel Power Expander is “per user” license. For each user of Excel Power Expander, a license is required.

Q: What language was Excel Power Expander written in?

A: Excel Power Expander was written 100% in VBA, Microsoft Office’s built-in programming language for automation of the Office suite.

Q: Can I buy the source code of Excel Power Expander?

A: NO. The source code of Excel Power Expander is not for sale.
(The source code the software is not suitable for learning Excel VBA.)

Q: What do I do if I discovered a bug in Excel Power Expander?

A: First, visit the Vonixx Software web site, and check to see whether you’re using the latest version of the software. If you’re not sure, just download the newest file from the web site. It is possible that the problem you discovered has already been fixed.

Secondly, send an e-mail to technical support at, and describe the problem and the steps required to reproduce it (if possible). Once the problem has been confirmed, it will be fixed an update will be released.

Q: What should I do if I want to distribute Excel Power Expander?

A: Excel Power Expander is a shareware, which you can distribute freely to anybody to evaluate. All individuals can distribute Excel Power Expander without prior authorization from the author. However, please, whenever possible, distribute the newest version of the software. Any publishers who want to include Excel Power Expander in CD-ROMs attached to books, or mention about it in books must have prior authorization from the author.

Q: I am currently using several other 3rd-party Excel add-ins. Can I still use Excel Power Expander without causing any conflict?

A: Yes. Excel Power Expander should always operate very well even in the existence of other 3rd-party add-ins, and it does not interfere the normal operation of any other add-ins or files. (For example, Bloomberg, Reuters add-ins.) In case you experienced any conflict, it is very unlikely to be the problem with Excel Power Expander.