Global Assign Workbook Properties

In Excel, you can define some properties for your workbooks. From the File menu, choose “Properties”. You’ll then see a box where you can type the various properties which help identifying a workbook.

While this original feature of Excel sounds convenient and useful, in reality, few Excel users would actually spend the time to define the properties of each of their workbooks. This is not because they find this feature useless, but because it’s really too time consuming to do it.

To a company or an user, some of the fields of workbook properties are always the same. For example, “Company” and “Author”. Also, some fields could be the same for a number of files created during the same period or created for the same purpose. For example, “Subject”, “Comment” and “Manager”.

Because of this, it is essential to provide Excel users a tool to conveniently “re-apply” or “assign” or “copy” the same workbook property to other workbooks.

This function assigns the Page Setup properties of the currently worksheet to specific target worksheets. For example, you can assign the margins properties globally to all worksheets in a workbook, etc.