Excel Navigator

“Excel Navigator” is the File Explorer for your spreadsheets.

In Excel Power Expander 5, “Excel Navigator” provides you with 4 different views to look at your spreadsheet files. Each of these four views lets you look at your files from a different perspective. While the structures of the files are systematically visualized, you can manage the files better and more efficiently.

1. Sheets View You can see the structure of one workbook file at once. Sheets of different types are listed separately.
2. Workbooks View You can see a full list of all opened workbook files.
3. Dual-Workbook View You can see the lists of sheets in two opened files at once. This is useful when you want to see more workbooks and the sheet types are not important to you. This view also facilitates the interchange of sheets between two workbooks.
4. Windows View You can see a list of all currently visible windows.