Workbooks Management

Excel Power Expander comes with a set of very powerful and unique workbooks management tools.

These tools are the result of continuous observation and research on how spreadsheet users navigate the spreadsheet environment.

There have never been spreadsheet management tools as useful and as practical as the ones in Excel Power Expander. This was because this type of tools for the spreadsheet is among the most difficult ones to develop. The tasks they perform are difficult to be summarized logically. The large number of combinations and possibilities (and user preferences) also make the planning stage difficult. Besides, the development requires thorough knowledge in the spreadsheet environment and the behavior of spreadsheet users, which are usually what programmers lack.

The Excel Power Expander Workbooks Management tools use the highest-level Excel VBA programming to automate complicated, or sometimes laborious, everyday workbooks management tasks, so that you can save more of your time concentrating on your spreadsheet analysis and thus improve your efficiency.

The workbooks management tools in Excel Power Expander 5 includes :

Name of Function
The “Spreadsheet Explorer” for Excel.
Sorts your spreadsheets in order.
3. Sheets Visibility -
Power Hide
Visibility Check
  • Set the visibility of your spreadsheet(s) to xlVeryHidden.
  • A more powerful unhide command which unhides any hidden sheets.
  • Gives you a summary of the visibility status of all sheets in the current workbook.
Systematically controls the zoom ratios of all visible windows.
Duplicates all selected (or grouped) sheets.
Print multiple worksheets at once!