Save Assistants

Excel Power Expander 5 includes a category of utilities called “Save Assistants” , which are designed for automating tasks related to save of workbooks. These include:

1. Revert To Saved
2. Save All
3. Save Status Monior

These utilities can be very useful in improving work efficiency, especially when you need to work with a lot of workbooks at the same time. Each of these functions will be explained in the following sections.

Revert To Saved

This is a very useful function to revert to the last saved version of the current workbook.

For example, you just opened a workbook to edit. After making a lot of changes, you decided that you don’t want to keep the changes and want to re-open the previously saved version of the workbook. Normally, you need to close the workbook without save, then open it again. Now, with “Revert to Saved”, you can immediately have the last saved version opened for you.

Save All

With this “Save All” function, you can have all your workbooks saved at once with one mouse click.

Save Status Monitor

With the Save Status Monitor, you can see clearly the save status of all your opened workbooks. Below is a sample screen of the “Save Status Monitor”.

The table below summarized and briefly explains the save status possibilities:

Saved Before The workbook has been saved at least once before. The workbook has a file name assigned already. The workbook has never been saved. Therefore, also, no file name has ever been assigned to the workbook
Latest Version Saved The latest version of the workbook has been saved. The latest version of the workbook has not been saved.

(It is possible for a workbook to have been saved before, but the latest version has not been saved.)