Duplicated Rows Hunter

The “Duplicated Rows Hunter” function was specially designed to identify duplicated rows in data. This is a very practical function in real-life environments and has been a dream function of numerous Excel users for many years, inlcuding auditors and analysts. However, because of the exceptional difficulty in the developing the programming logic of such function, a flexible and efficient Excel ultility for this purpose has never existed. Now, this function finally comes true in Excel Power Expander 5.

Examples of real-life situations situations where the function can be applied:

The Flexible Wizard

After loading the function, you’ll have to answer some questions about your data file(s) (or spreadsheets) to instruct Excel Power Expander how you would want it to locate & delete the duplicated rows.

The “Duplicated Rows Hunter” provides mainly two row-delete strategies :

  1. Locate & Delete duplicated rows in one data range (and leave only unique rows). This strategy looks at 1 data range only.
  2. Compare & Delete. This strategy compares 2 ranges of data, and delete rows from one that already appeared in the other.
Strategy 1:

The first strategy is to scan only 1 data range, and delete duplicated rows.
There are 3 options for this strategy :

  1. single-column scan2 columns scan (choose to match only 2 of the columns)
  2. all columns scan

Strategy 2:

The 2nd strategy is to scan 2 data ranges (source and target), and delete duplicated rows from one (target) that already appeared in the other (source).(See the figure below.) You have to input the addresses of the source range and the target range into the form. But you don’t need to type them yourself. You can enter the addresses by selecting the ranges with your mouse.