Random Tools

The Random Challenge in Excel

Drawing random numbers is an art. The most beautiful part is NOT how well you can scramble a pool of numbers and then pick some numbers in a random manner, but how well you can pick random numbers while having those numbers under your control. It could be difficult to imagine. Let me give some examples:

  • You just finished a business simulation model (with random numbers) in your spreadsheet, and got your calculation result. Then, you lost your Excel file. Can you reproduce the identical simulation result?

  • You want to draw random numbers for a variable in your spreadsheet model. That variable in your model should be normally distributed, and with a mean of 15 and standard deviation of 2.5. How can this be done in Excel?

Excel Power Expander comes with a series of utilities for generating random data. These include:

Function Name
Random Number Generator A powerful utility for generating random numbers. It contains a series of advanced random number generation engines.
Random Dates Generates random dates within specific date ranges
Random Characters Generates random characters from a specific population of characters
Data Random Pick Picks data in a random manner from a population of data.
Randomize Order Scrambles the order of data