Perpetual Calendar

This is obviously a “Perpetual Calendar”. You can quickly view the monthly calendar of a specific month within a specific year. You can create monthly calendars in your workbook. Also, you can choose to create calendars in different languages, such as English, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

Below shows a sample screen of the Perpetual Calendar. (It is now showing the June 2005 monthly calendar.)

Export Calendars to Worksheet

To export calendars to worksheets, press the “Send calendar to workbook” button, and you’ll see another form (see below) for you specify which months you want.

Sample Calendars in Different Languages

You can create calendars in different languages using the Perpetual Calendar function in Excel Power Expander.

In Perpetual Calendar, click the “Generate Calendars on Worksheets” button.  You’ll then see a screen like the one below.  In the “Language Options” section, you can choose from the drop down list the language of the calendar to generate.

Below shows sample calendars for the month of September 2015 in English, Chinese and French.

Calendar in English:

Calendar in Chinese:

Calendar in French: