World Holidays (Holiday Calendars)

Excel Power Expander 5 has built-in holiday calendars of 167 locations in the world, from Year 2000 to 2020.

Since Excel existed, a set of powerful holiday calendar tools (including worksheet functions) has been a dream function of Excel users. Now, in Excel Power Expander 5, we are bringing such features to everybody’s computer, and we make them even more powerful than those in investment banks.

Sounds basic, but never happened

There are some practical situations which such holiday calendars can be applied:

  • General holiday lookup
  • Business/Contract date calculations (e.g. a contract which expires in 60 working days, based on New York holiday calendar)
  • Advanced Financial modeling (e.g. a complex financial product which uses a combination of  the Japan, London and New York holiday calendars. What is the date of TODAY + 25 business days?)
The above situations are common. But only banks (and investment banks) have the special resources to build tailored Excel utilities for such holiday calculations, and those utilities are always linked to special databases.

You might not know that high quality holiday calendars are not freely available. You can find some providers on the internet. But they all charge very high prices for each calendar for each year.

There are two types of holiday calendar features in Excel Power Expander:

The Concept of Holiday Calendar by Location (City)

Holiday calendars in Excel Power Expander are defined for each “Location” (city), not for each country.  This is because different cities within each country can have different holidays.

World Holidays / Location Code Lookup

This function allow you to browse through the holidays (by year) of each location.

From the Ribbon, choose the “Expander (Misc)” tab, there is a group called "Calendar Tools". Choose “World Holidays / Location Code Lookup”. (as shown below)

The follow form will be displayed. On the left, a list of Locations (cities) is listed. You can also sort the list by Location or by Country by using the “Sort by” drop down list.  On the right, the holidays for the selected location for a year is listed (for year 2013 in the example).

You can export the list of holidays to a worksheet, by clicking the “Send to Worksheet” button.


Holiday Worksheet Functions

The current version of Excel Power Expander provides 2 date calculation worksheet functions with holiday calendar integration:

Please refer to the documentation “Worksheet Function Reference” for details of these functions.
More functions will be added in future releases.