Extract Initials

“Extract Initials” is a utility for converting text data into initials. A common application can be the conversion of names into initials. The utility is pretty flexible. There are several user-define options, and it can do the case change at the same time.

Below shows a sample screen of the “Extract Initials” function.


Extract Initials In Action

A sample file for this section is including in the Excel Power Expander software, in the file: “Plenty of names.xls” in the “Examples” folder.

Now, let’s see how the “Extract Initials” function can applied on real-life data. We use a data file with a lot of names as an example. (See figure below.)

1. Select all the cells containing the names.
2. Run the “Extract Initials” function from the “Expander” menu.
3. Fill-in the form as shown in the figures below.

4. Click OK to process the data.

The result is as shown in the figure below.