Killer Hyperlinks

Kill Hyperlinks is a utility to locate and “kill” (remove) hyperlinks in the current workbook. It is especially useful in case there are a lot of annoying hyperlinks in your spreadsheet that you don’t want, or there are invisible hyperlinks that are very difficult to locate.

Hyperlinks Killer in Action

Let’s see a demonstration of how convenient Hyperlinks Killer is for removing hyperlinks quickly from a spreadsheet. An example file with 102 hyperlinks is including in the Excel Power Expander software.

A sample file for this section is included in the Excel Power Expander software, in the file: “Kill Hyperlinks.xls” in the “Examples” folder.

1. Open the file “Kill Hyperlinks” (or “Kill Hyperlinks.xlsx”) in the “Examples” folder.
2. Run “Hyperlinks Killer” from the “Expander” menu.
3. A form will be displayed, listing all the hyperlinks in the current worksheet. (See figure below.)

4. Select the hyperlinks which you want to delete (remove). Click the “Kill Selected Hyperlinks” button.
5. All selected hyperlinks will then be deleted. A message box will pop up, reporting to you how many hyperlinks have been deleted. (See figure below.)