Kill Characters

“Kill Characters” removes characters from the selected cells. It is very flexible and allows you to choose to remove:

  1. The first n characters; or
  2. The last n characters; or
  3. Start from anywhere in the middle of a string, remove n characters; or
  4. All numeric characters (0 to 9) ; or
  5. All non-numeric characters (anything not numeric) ; or
  6. All English alphabets (a to z & A to Z) ; or
  7. All occurrence of specific characters / string

Below shows a sample screen of the “Kill Characters” function.

The “Add apostrophe to front of numbers” option

Removing characters from cells could lead to another problem: numbers with leading zeroes. There is a special option “Add apostrophe to front of numbers”. With this option selected, in case the output data is a number, an apostrophe will be added automatically to the front of the number.

In an Excel spreadsheet, when a cell contains a number and an apostrophe is placed in front that number, for example ’01 (“01” is a numeric expression, and an apostrophe is entered in front of “01”), that numeric expression will be treated by Excel as text string. Therefore, normally, when you enter “01” into a cell, Excel turns it into “1” because “01” = “1”. However, if an apostrophe is placed in front of “01”, Excel won’t touch it and displays “01”.