Case Change

“Case Change” is a very flexible utility for manipulating the “cases” of text in the selection area(s). Besides the basic upper/lower/proper cases options, it also provides several other customizable options which allow you to have better control over the result. Below shows a sample screen of the function:

Advanced Options

The “Case Change” function also provides the following advanced options for more flexible control over the output:

Advanced Options
Change character before a period to upper case Whenever there is a period (“.”) in a string (or text data), the character immediately before that period will be forced to be upper case. For example,
Original data
Option selected
Option not selected
a.p.c. corporation A.P.C Corporation A.p.c. Corporation
tony a.e. stark Tony A.E. Stark Tony A.e. Stark
Letters immediate after specified characters, always upper case You can pre-define a list of strings, the character immediately after the specified strings will always be forced to be upper case.
For example, if “Mc” and “O’” have been put into the list, the following names will be converted correctly:
• Bruce McArthur
• Butch O'Brien