Text Manipulation Tools

Excel Power Expander has the most powerful and sophisticated word/text manipulation tools among all the shareware add-ins available in the market. These “word play” functions form the core part of Excel Power Expander. They were specially built, not only to “manipulate text”, but also to handle exceptionally large data files speedily and accurately without errors, while keeping Excel in a stable and responsive state.

The current version of Excel Power Expander provides the following Text Manipulation utilities :

    1. Split-Up Words
    2. Combine Cell Contents
    3. Case Change
    4. Killers:
      i. Kill Characters
      ii. Kill Irregular Space
      iii. Kill All Space
      iv. Kill Empty Sheets
      v. Kill Hyperlinks
    5. Append Characters
    6. Text Extract
      i. Extract Initials
      ii. Extract Characters
    7. Date Re-Construct
    8. Cell Padding
    9. Word Count
    10. Negative Reposition