Copy Column Widths

This function copies the column widths of a range and applies the widths to the target range.

It provides a method to automate the process of copying pasting of column widths. This eliminates the need to manually define column widths repeatedly, which used to be a laborious process.

You need to define the “source” and the “target” ranges. The “source” is from where the columns widths are copied; “target” is the destination. The target range can be on any range on any worksheet in any workbook. You can specify the ranges with the mouse (select by dragging), or directly type the addresses of the ranges if you’re confident in the syntax.

When specifying the “target” area, you don’t have to worry about the exact dimensions of the specified range. Excel Power Expander will automatically adjust (resize) that for you during run-time, based on the top-left cell of your specified range.

Multiple-area selection is not supported by this function. The source range and the target range cannot be multiple-area ranges.

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