Delete Rows/Columns

This is a very flexible tool designed for deleting rows or columns. To use this utility, first, select a range of cells, then specify the criteria to delete.

It can delete…

  1. rows in a selection
  2. columns in a selection
  3. entire rows in a worksheet
  4. entire columns in a worksheet

Also, it supports two delete approaches:

  1. Delete when criteria are matched; or
  2. Delete alternate rows/columns

While this utility is very flexible, it is logically organized as followings:

Delete Approach  
Delete rows/columns when criteria matched

(1st figure below)
  • Entire row has no content
  • Any cell of a row/column has no content
  • Entire row looks blank (i.e. consider value of cells only)
  • Value of nth = or ≠ or ≥ or ≤ or > or < a specific value
  • Any cell contains a formula
  • Any cell contains constant (not a formula)
  • Any cell contains a comment
  • Any cell contains a Data Validation
Delete alternate rows/columns

(2nd figure below)

Start from nth row/column, delete x rows/columns every y rows/columns

(The is a “Refresh Preview” button. Click it, and you can see a preview of which rows/columns will be deleted.)