Range Tools

Excel Power Expander provides a set of advanced utilities which are specially designed to work with worksheet ranges. These tools can be divided into the following categories:

Brief Description
List of Functions
Range Selection Tools
A series of automation utilities to facilitate the easy and flexible selection of ranges, and collection of range content info. (See details)
  1. All Sheets A1 Select
  2. Select Alternate Columns
  3. Select Alternate Rows
  4. Select Current Region
  5. Select Used Area
  6. Selection Info...
  7. Contract Selection
  8. Expand Selection
Range Swap Tools
A series of utilities to automate the process of swapping columns and rows. These functions will also handle the function links and cell formats intelligently. (See details)
  1. Reverse Columns Order
  2. Reverse Rows Order
  3. Swap Columns Order
  4. Swap Rows Order
  5. Swap Columns / Rows [Form Mode]
Delete Rows/Columns A very flexible tool for deleting rows or columns based on your specified criteria. Also allows delete of alternate row/columns.  
Force Convert to Values
This is an important function which, as it is called, forces Excel to recognize what is showing as the values of cells as the actual values of cells. A very important function for those who need to work with data import from external sources. [See example]
Column Widths/Row Heights Copy & Paste
Provides a method to automate the process of copying & pasting of column widths and row heights. This eliminates the need to manually define widths and heights repeatedly, which used to be a laborious process.
  1. Copy Column Widths
  2. Copy Row Heights