Alternate Columns / Rows Shading

Alternate Columns / Rows Shading is a flexible utility designed for shading alternate columns/rows of cells in a selection.

For example, you can easily shade every two rows in your spreadsheet with a yellow color.
(See the form below.)

Ignore Hidden Columns / Rows

Besides, with “Alternate Columns / Rows Shading”, while shading the columns/rows, all the hidden columns/rows can be taken care of intelligently. You can choose to (or not to) include the hidden columns/rows in consideration during the shading process. This is an important feature, as hidden columns/rows won’t affect the visual effect.

Below is an example to show how this feature works. Suppose rows 7 to rows 17 are hidden. Then, select range B4:F24 and apply a yellow shading to every 2 columns. Check the “Shade hidden rows as well” checkbox. The result will look like the figure below. The effect does not look good and it does not seemed to be what you expect.

Now, do the same operation but with the “Shade hidden rows as well” checkbox unchecked. The result will look like this:

Note that if the “Shade hidden rows as well” checkbox is unchecked, it means those hidden rows will be treated as non-exist. No matter how many hidden rows there are, the result visual effect will be unaffected.