3D Format Filters

Feature Description

Command Name
Description / Sample
3D Format Filters (Basic) Make Platform Build a “platform” on the current selection area(s) (, for application of further 3D effects).
Go In Apply a “Depressed” effect to the current selection area(s).

Come Out Apply a “Raised” effect to the current selection area(s).

Flatten Flatten (or remove) any 3D effects that have been applied to the selection area(s).
3D Format Filters (Advanced) 3D Convex Frame
  3D Concave Frame
  Artistic Frame 1
  Artistic Frame 2


Treatment of Multiple Selections & Overlapping Areas

3D Format filters of Excel Power Expander can intelligently handle multiple and overlapping selections.

Undoing 3D Format Effects

All 3D Format functions support UNDO. After applying an effect, choose UNDO from the Edit menu. The process will be reversed and the original format restored.

3D Formats In Action

3D Format Filters can always be applied together to create stunning visual effect on your spreadsheets. Below is a step-by-step example of using different 3D Format Filters to make a time table more visually appealing.

Our objective is to create a table like this one:

Step 1: In cells B2:G12, type the following table:

Step 2: Select range B2:G12, from the “Expander” menu, choose “3D Format”, then “3D Convex Frame”.

Step 3: Do not change the selection. From the “Expander” menu, choose “Insertion Tools”, choose “Insert Thin Columns”.

Step 4: Select the first two rows of data (range E6:O7). From the “Expander” menu, choose “Insertion Tools”, then choose “Insert Thin Rows”. The result will look like this:

Step 5: Now, we make a multiple selection which overlaps. Select range E6:O6. Hold the Ctrl key, use the mouse to select the second range E6:E16. The selection will look like the figure below. Then, from the “Expander” menu, choose “3D Format”, then choose “Come Out”.

Step 6: Select range G8:O16. (The cells with the word “working”.) From the “Expander” menu, choose “Range Selection Tools”, then choose “Select Used Area”. This will have all the words selected, excluding all empty columns. The screen now look like this:

Step 7: A final step, from the “Expander” menu, choose “3D Format”, then choose “Go In”.

Now, you got the fancy 3D Format table!! In just a feel steps, you have created a table with extremely complex formatting which would have taken 20 minutes to complete!!