Loading Excel Power Expander

After installing Excel Power Expander into your computer, the next step is to load the software and start using it.

Excel Power Expander comes with a handy file which helps you install the add-in. Go to the folder where Excel Power Expander was installed. Open the file “Expander install.xls" (or" Expander Install.xlsm" on the Mac).

There are two approaches to loading Excel Power Expander:

1. Have Excel Power Expander loaded automatically every time Excel starts Follow these steps:
  1. Start Microsoft Excel.
  2. Press Alt+t, then press i to go to add-in manager.
  3. In the Add-ins dialog box (see below),
    check the "Excel Power Expander" checkbox.
    (If you could not find the checkbox, use the "Browse..." button to locate the appropriate initialization file. “EXPANDER.xlam” for Excel 2007/2010/2013. “EXPANDER2003.xla” for Excel 2003)
  4. Click OK to close the Add-Ins dialog box.

When you see the message box below, click “Trust all from publisher”. (All files from us are digitally signed with digital certificate issued by a trusted certification authority. This step is to tell Excel to trust all signed files from the author of Excel Power Expander.)

Then if you see the following message, click “Enable”. (Refer to the previous section “Security Settings” for instructions on how to adjust Excel’s settings to avoid this message.)

2. Load Excel Power Expander when you need it To kick off Excel Power Expander manually on-demand,

- For Excel 2013, 2010, 2007 and Mac Excel 2011, you can double-click the file “EXPANDER.xlam”.
- For Excel 2003, you can double-click the file “EXPANDER2003.xla”.