Purchasing Informaion

Excel Power Expander is freely distributed as a shareware. You are permitted to evaluate it for up to 20 days before discarding it, or purchasing a license. (The software’s features will be disabled 20 days after installation.)

Licensing (per user basis) -

You must purchase one license for each user who uses Excel Power Expander. With a single-user license, a registered user can use the software on more than one computer. But it is important to note that if Excel Power Expander is being used by two persons, two single-user licenses will be required.

Buy On-Line-

To buy licenses, go to : http://www.vonixx.com/products/buy_now.htm

Payments will be via PayPal. You can buy with or without a PayPal account.

Pricing -

Here are the standard pricing of Excel Power Expander licenses:

Windows version
Mac Version
Windows+Mac Bundle
1 user
2 users
5 users
10 users

Please contact Vonixx support for special offers for bulk purchases or corporate licenses.