About the Author

Excel Power Expander was the original design and development of Edwin Tam, who has been granted the tile of Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) by Microsoft.

Edwin is a Chartered Accountant from KPMG (a "Big-4" audit firm), where he worked in both Financial Audit and Management Consulting. He has applied his skills in the most demanding and complex financial reporting and analysis environments in the biggest audits, IPOs and business restructure projects. Edwin also worked in the top-tier investment banks, including Credit Suisse, where he had very successful records in designing the best number crunching solutions in those extreme environments and he understands very deeply about Office automation as well as integration with other systems in real business and financial environments.

Dream Functions Come True

If you used Excel, Excel Power Expander contains your dream functions. Excel Power Expander, version 5, is a major upgrade of the award-winning Excel add-in, which had been granted 5-star rating by PC Magazine, “Editor’s Pick” and “Top Ten Spreadsheet Tools” by PC Computing, etc. In this brand new release, you’ll see a lot of dream functions which plenty of Excel users have been longing for, actually become reality. You’ll see how practical, useful and intelligent the utilities were made. You’ll experience the highest level of Excel automation. You’ll have the opportunity to see and feel one of the world’s most complex piece of Excel VBA project, and how every part of the software works closely with each other and integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Excel, so that they are just like original Excel functions.